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Political Science
Associate in Arts Degree

The Political Science AA Degree Program requires the completion of a total of 18 units of which 12 units
are in required courses. An additional 6 units must be chosen from the restricted units listed below.

Required Courses (12 units)

    I. Required Class 3 Units
    POSC 100 F American Government (3)

    II. Category A 6 Units from the following:
    POSC 110  Contemporary American Politics (3)
    POSC 120  Introduction to Political Theory (3)
    POSC 150  California Government and Politics (3)
    POSC 275  Introduction to Public Law (3)

    III. Category B 3 Units from the following:
    POSC 200  Introduction to the Study of Politics (3)
    POSC 215  Comparative Political Systems (3)
    POSC 216  Government and Politics in the Middle East (3)
    POSC 230  Introduction to International Relations (3)

    Restricted Electives (6 units)
    Select two of the following categories and choose one class from each category:

    Category A

    ETHS 101 American Ethnic Studies (4)
    ETHS 130 History of African Americans in the U.S. (3)
    ETHS 141 Chicano/Chicana History (3)
    HIST 270  Women in the U.S. History (3)
    SOC 225  Sociology of Women (3)

    Category B
    HIST 111   Western Civilization from 1550 (3)
    HIST 113   World Civilizations (3)
    HIST 127   Survey of American History (3)
    HIST 152   Survey of British History (3)
    HIST 160B Modern Japan and China (3)
    HIST 170   History of the United States (3)
    HIST 171   History of the United States (3)

    Category C
    ANTH 102  Cultural Anthropology (3)
    GEOG 100 Global Geography (3)
    GEOG 160 Cultural Geography (3)
    POSC 180 Sacramento Seminar (3)

    Category D
ECON 102 Macroeconomics (3)
    GEOG 260 Economic Geography (3)
    PHIL 160   Introduction to Ethics (3)


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